Year to year, generation to generation,
the focus of Mockler Funeral Home
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Best mother-in-law
I had never met any family like the Zettermans until I met Linwood and he introduced me to them. I was scared in the beginning because Lin told me she didn’t like the last girl he brought home. Little did I know, she would welcome me with open arms and from that point the hugs started. She was so smart and gave the best advice. I could never repay her for all she’s given me...unconditional love, her son, her time, recipes, a place to live and she never judged me. I could never have gotten through my college years with her being the best grandmother to our kids. She saved our Andy when he was six months old when he stopped breathing—everything she did was instinct. How else could a person be so smart and wise? It’s so unreal to think that when we walk though the door she won’t be there wanting a hug or that before we leave we won’t go to her favorite chair to hug her good bye. She was one of the best moms a girl could have and will be missed beyond any words I could say. ❤️

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