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Daugher in law
June 12, 2019
Dear Mom Reynolds,
Our condolences to the Reynolds Family.
I wanted to share that you were the best mother- in- law one could ask for.
Hopefully you are finally resting in peace now, in this beautiful spring, that you always loved as the 2 feet of snow postponed your service.
It reminds of the story of your kindness to your son Gilbert, your reliable rock, and caregiver til the end.
As you were coming home early from G-Fox in Hartford walking down Kenlock due to early dismissal from work due to snow, there you are seeing your son, Gilbert, not quite of driving age, trying to move the family vehicle in the heart of the snowstorm and over the curb. He shared how you gave him "the look" and then asked him "What do you want for dinner?" That was just one example of the kind, good- hearted person that she was. She was but a few who actually knew how to forgive!

I will always be eternally grateful for her quick thinking as she and I were at a Newington Park with the twins who were faster than the speed of light at times. Jon at the age of 3 managed to quickly run up the slide to a platform that had no sides with his Mom (me) running up right behind him. I dove at him, catching his foot as he dangled by his leg with a 5 foot drop down had I lost my grip or his shoe fell off. Quickly Mom Reynolds went into action running over and catching Jon essentially saving his life because he would have gone down head first and I couldn't think about what would have happened had I been alone. I never forgot that! She holds a very, very special place in my heart and we spoke often as she loved to hear all the twin stories and then the Sheltie, cat stories and even the guinea pig stories; sharing the tales of what each guinea pig was doing while we were on vacation as we called for our daily updates. She so loved animals.

She would share so much about her life with me on our calls and we both enjoyed our "conversations" especially as they gave me "privy" to all the antics of her sons, wives and girlfriends, but always in a good way...a nice way. She had a wonderful sense of humor as she told them. We all miss her so much and I now know she is truly at peace and will never be lonely again in Heaven, the place she earned while living and forgiving well on this earth. Never a bad word about anyone, sweet and kind. Promises made were promises kept! That was just how she operated.

She so loved her grandchildren and we often shopped at G.Fox/Macy's to buy her grandchildren's clothes, as she really enjoyed a great sale. She shared how she always had a love and a way with numbers and wanted to become a CPA, which was difficult in her day for women.

It was a gift she was able to spend well over 35 years at each of my family's many holiday gatherings which we were so grateful for her presence at all these memorable occasions now that my own parents have passed. I'm sure my Mom and Dad are partying with her in heaven. (Sorry Grandma, no rest from Mom Walsh!!) She's probably still trying to feed you!! And you were always so polite about it!!
We miss you Mom Reynolds and I will always care about you and love you, no matter how life has turned out. You are still part of my life living in my heart, memories and picture...Mom, Grandma, and friend!!! Thank you for loving me, accepting me into your family, and forgiving me...and there is no one who can be as good as you "always" were to me!!
No more tears in Heaven Grandma; I wish I could say that here.
Love, Agnes, Jon and Michelle Reynolds

Thank you all.
Jerry and I would like to thank you, Debra, and the Mockler Funeral Home for all your help and kind words regarding my sweet mother-in-law, Barbara. We remember the wonderful trip we took her on several years ago to Fort Fairfield where we visited friends and family, and enjoyed the Potato Blossom Festival from the family house on Maine. Barbara came alive showing us the sights--her schoolhouse, the fields where she rode her pony, and the Reynolds farmstead where she lived as a young bride. We even visited with everyone at the Mockler Funeral Home! We will miss her, but her spirit is with us always.
To the family, my heartfelt condolences for your loss. Please find comfort in the knowledge that God promises to put an end to all the things that have plagued mankind for centuries including pain, suffering and death (Revelation 21:3,4). May these promises from God give you comfort now and real hope for the future. My deepest sympathy.

Loving Memories
Dear Tom, Jerry and Gilbert,
We are so saddened to hear of your Mom’s passing. I always felt blessed that my Mom chose her very best friend as my Godmother. Your Mom always held a special place in my heart. I thought she hung the moon. I admired her spirit and wisdom from the time I was a child visiting in East Hartford to our times spent together in Maine. She never seemed to age at all, always beautiful in every way. I was so proud to call her my Godmother.
It was a privilege to witness her lifelong friendship with my Mom. I loved all the stories that they shared. I have so many wonderful memories. I loved your Mom and every moment that I got to spend time with her. I too will miss her forever.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
With love,
Paul and Lorraine Kimball Maguire

Condolences for the loss of Barbara
Tom, Jerry, Gilbert and families,
I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember Barbara from when I was a little girl in northern Maine. I always thought her so glamorous because, among other things, she lived in Connecticut and wore dresses with waist belts. And I admired her dry humor (probably came in handy with Lloyd and three sons.) Such a lovely lady -- you'll miss her.

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