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Always the best
We did a lot of work with P.L. Willey back in what now seems like the distant past--35± years ago. I am architect, then working out of Blue Hill and Phil was always who we wanted to work with when we went North. Indeed, we tried to coax him down our way, but he always demurred with that quiet smile of his.

Driving the many hours to Caribou, or white-knuckling in on small planes to the Caribou airport in the winter was always worth it because we got to work with Phil--and I always looked forward to heading up to the County because we would end up in his office, or house. I learned a LOT about how to survive and prosper in the architecture business from Phil's observations.

We could always count on him to be straight with us, and to deliver what he promised, and it was really a pleasure to work with him for all those years.

Caribou has lost another great man
Phil Willey was a joy to work with and to be around. I had the privilege to buy a house lot and building supplies from him over the past decades. He had a never-ending sense of humor that I admired. Phil possessed a lot of common sense and wisdom, always being able to cut right to the heart of a matter and do so in a pleasant way. Even in his final years at our nursing facility, he was a humorous quick wit with the nursing staff that very much enjoyed him because he was fun to be with. He will be missed and Caribou benefitted greatly by his presence over the past 80+ years.

I cherish the memories I have of him.
I am saddened to hear of the passing of Phil, but glad to know he is now with Viv. My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the whole family.

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