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I knew Duane for 57 years, we met in first grade and at GAL Church in New Sweden. My first memories of him were from our teachers asking him to stay awake during class. Many of us thought this was funny but, he was not the only one back then. Once the family moved to Woodland, we saw each other during Sunday School up until we were all Confirmed.
Not long after we both headed for Caribou to the big city and High School. We never had a class together but, met in the morning and after school. Duane was always a great friend, he was always there for any of his friends and would do anything for them.
Once he got the Falcon, we had some great times (loved that car). He bought all of Aerosmith's eight track tapes and cranked them were ever he went. We had an idea to have a small party at the Erickson's camp one night and off four of us went. Half way through the very small party we decided to go get ice cream up near Long Lake, of course it was closed and we return to the camp where we were met by all the Erickson girls. I don't remember much about being caught but, we never did it again.
Duane was never one to push ideas on anyone. But, did you know he streaked? Well sort of. In HS there were many streakers, both in the school as well as any where their were small groups of people. He mentioned once about some one streaking Thomas Park at the Band Concert. I tried to get him to do it but, he insisted he would not. However, he did volunteer to be the drop off and get away driver. He was so excited before during and after the act, I have never seen him laugh so hard.
For years after I joined the Army, when I came home, I always called Duane and we would go to the Sports Inn. He loved playing pool and pin ball. He used to always beat me in pool. He had a four foot table upstairs at his home and could beat me every time, use to get under my skin. Once I was in the Army, I learned to play much better and couldn't wait to come home and play against him. He was quite impressed and laughed the whole time I was whooping him.
I will miss him immensely, he was a great friend and I don't believe we ever argued about anything. That is what friendship is all about. Rest easy my friend, I will miss ya.

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