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so sorry
I want say I am so sorry I never got to talk to him, after finding his daughter Heidi after 20 something year of being apart,Uncle Mel was tall and strong man,but very quiet man,I would love my three daughters to have meet him just once, so sorry for your lost.
we are together,
sitting down again
saying goodbye
to another friend
another one
too young to go,
another life
went too slow.
tears are hidden
when I hear your name,
but my heart
continues to feel the pain
knowing you
have come to an end,
knowing we have lost
another great friend.
look down,
you will see who really does care
after this poem,
can we have a minute to spare?
to think of our memories,
to realize you have gone away,
to realize you are not coming back,
to realize you are going to stay.
everyone in this room
is thinking of you,
we all know
you left too soon.
now you are with your best mate,
my your wife Aunt Rosemarie,
watching over
as our lives have crashed.
people cry themselves
to sleep,
others have pain
running too deep.
we need to realize
you have gone to rest,
we need to realize
it is for the best.
even though
we do not believe.
to us
you will never leave!
this is really hard
to get through,
but it is something
we need to do.
goodbye Uncle Mel,
I love you!

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