Year to year, generation to generation,
the focus of Mockler Funeral Home
has been family service!

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Carlene,Troy and Family
So sad to hear about Russ, he was always welcome when he came to camp and made good spaghetti sauce. Dad, Chip and Len always enjoyed his company and smiles and laughs. He will sadly be missed as all the rest of them but he will always be remembered as one of the group with your dad and the rest of the Camp crew. It is so bad that all these people you learn so much from when you were younger are no longer with you, but you will never forget what you learn from them, that's the important thing,they made an impact on your life or someone's life. I hope they are all meeting in heaven now and talking about ole times. May he rest in peace! you have my sincere condolences, Mickey and family.

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