Year to year, generation to generation,
the focus of Mockler Funeral Home
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He was loved very much
My nephew Chad had a hard time finding his place in this world like a lot of us do, but through all the ups and downs he always kept smiling. He may have gotten knot down, but he always got back up and that is what counts, never giving up. He kept trying and he made it, he found his place. He got to be a good friend, husband to be and father. He found who he was and what happiness was all about. That is how I choose to remember my nephew, as a winner. We can all learn from Chad and his life, never stop trying. He loved video games, his mom’s cooking, picking on his sister, playing with his nephews and most times working with his dad. We will always be so grateful that he got the chance to be the man we knew he could be, and we will forever be so proud of him. He will remain in our hearts and memories forever. We love you Chad.

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