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Micah was a lovely man!
I happened upon this article just today. I hadn't heard of Micah's passing until now and I am shocked and deeply saddened. I work at Northern Light AR Gould Hospital (formerly TAMC when Micah was with us!) and from time to time we would work on projects together and share ideas. He was so smart, a real treasure- trove of knowledge when it came to finances and clinical documentation. Everyone looked to him for guidance! He always had a smile on his face and was always willing to chat and help me work through the many snags that would come up in my daily world of reports and audits. I remember one day that we were joking around and I had commented that the shirt he was wearing was too small, and that he needed to lay off the weights for a while! LOL! Since I am much older than him, the mother in me also commented that he needed to buy an iron for that shirt because it was a wrinkled mess! We laughed heartily. Then he accepted a job elsewhere and we lost touch, but I knew he would do well wherever he went because he was so intelligent. The obituary you wrote is beautiful and really drives home the point that you just never know who you know suffers on the inside with addiction and demons. Knowing that he is now with our Heavenly Father is comforting. I cannot imagine as a parent or sibling or relative could possibly be going through even all these months later. Mental health awareness is so prevalent now because addiction is at an all-time high. Some day everyone will be happy. I can't wait for that day. God bless all of you especially during this holiday season.

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