Year to year, generation to generation,
the focus of Mockler Funeral Home
has been family service!

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Sleep Well
Sleep well, little brother and never be cold, tired, or in pain again. Save me a place at the bar in your new "man cave". As always, I will bring a few bottles to keep the stock up. It will be good to talk cars, guns, computers, and solve the world's problems, big and small, again. Watch over us all as you always have.

To all the family, this is a great loss, but we have him forever in our hearts and memories. Like Dad, we can no longer call or sit and chat, but that doesn't keep us from talking to him and hearing his car advice in the back of our minds. It won't keep me from sharing my latest toy or gadget with him or pointing out an antique car or truck, smiling at a Corvette, and taking the same joy he took in seeing an old wrecker still in service or on the road.

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