Year to year, generation to generation,
the focus of Mockler Funeral Home
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With Sympathy
Dear Carol and Susie,
We are saddened to learn of your dad's passing. I know he had a long and full life but hearts break none the less.
Both he and your mother were so fortunate to have the two of you to care for them until the end. Take comfort in knowing they had all they could ask for in their lives - long love with each other and the bond of loving children to care for and comfort them throughout.
May you both find comfort and peace in the knowledge that you did more than anyone could ask - you made their lives your priority and in doing so, you enriched your own.

With love and sympathy,
Karen & David

You will be missed
I had the pleasure of spending time in the Plourde household as a teenager. Both Mr and Mrs Plourde were always so very kind to me and I always felt at home there. I will always remember them both with love. Rest in peace.


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