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Services - Cremation Options

More and more families are asking about or considering cremation. Cremation dates back to ancient times and is a common form of final disposition. If you are considering cremation, you need to know about the many options available to you through Mockler Funeral Home. When making cremation arrangements, keep in mind, you have unlimited options for memorialization. The most important thing is to create a farewell event that is meaningful and satisfying to you and others who will participate. Remember, there is no "standard" cremation arrangement. We have the experience to assist you in developing a customized cremation service that is "just right" for you and your family.

What is Cremation?

Some of the more common misunderstandings about cremation are; that the final result of cremation is a residue of ashes, or cremation is the final disposition of the deceased. Neither is correct. Cremation is a process of preparing human remains for final disposition. It is a technical heating process, which reduces the remains to its basic elements, primarily bone particles and fragments, which are referred to as "cremated remains". This reduction takes place through heat and evaporation in a cremation chamber. The basic elements remaining after cremation, depending on the size of the deceased, usually weigh on average, of approximately 5 lbs. and are further reduced in size for placement in either a permanent urn or a temporary container, suitable for transport.

Variety of Options/Services

Cremation in no way alters the purpose of visitation and funeral ceremonies. Such rites are for the benefit of the living, to help family and friends find support during their bereavement and to honor the life and memory of the deceased.

Nevertheless, the decision for cremation should be shared. A person may have often said, not necessarily in jest, "Just cremate me and dump the ashes." But when death does come, will that person's closest loved ones be comfortable with such an arrangement?

This poses a strong argument for "funeral pre-arrangement". in which decisions can be carefully considered and discussed without the pressures of time and emotion immediately after a loved one's death.

Urn Selection

These urns are just a seleced few of the dozens we have to offer.

Cremation creates new options...and as with any funeral, arrangements can be as individual as the people involved.

Most families choose to hold services, which help the bereaved cope with the loss of a loved one. Services or ceremonies can precede or follow the actual cremation. Prior to cremation there may be a gathering, which may be either public or private, with an open or closed casket. When the service follows the cremation, a receptacle (or urn) containing the cremated remains may take a place of prominence. Following the ceremony, the final disposition of the cremated remains takes place. Cremation offers families choices for final disposition of the cremated remains and with cremation; you have the opportunity to select from a wide array of caskets, urns and keepsake memorials.

Mockler Funeral Home provides cremation services tailored to family wishes and needs... There is a requirement by the crematory that an Authorization for Cremation needs to be signed by the family before a cremation can be completed. Please select one to view or print, the "Cremation form M "Authorization (740K)".

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